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Ireland's Russborough House

The Irish estate of (the late diamond heir) Alfred Beit has been hit again.  This is their fourth major art crime since 1974.  With such an infamous history in the annals of art theft, the county Wicklow estate known as Russborough House  gets it's own page on this web-site.

  • September 29, 2002  important five paintings were stolen see Garda Notice

RECOVERED December 20, 2002

  1. Rubens, Peter Paul (Flemish 1577-1640) Recovered Dominican Monk

  2. Rubens, Peter Paul (Flemish 1577-1640)  Recovered Venus Supplicating Mars

  3. Van Ostedt, (Dutch 1621-1649) Recovered Adoration of the Shepherd

  4. Van Ruysdale (Dutch 1630-1681) Recovered The Corn Field

  5. Van de Velde (Dutch 1633-1707) Recovered Calm Sea

  • June 26, 2001 two paintings were stolen.  Both were recovered September 28, 2002 For an article about the crime see Gainsborough & Belloto theft

  • May 21, 1986 eighteen (18) paintings were stolen, sixteen (16) of which have since been recovered.  This crime was the work of the late Martin Cahill and his Dublin gang.  It is well noted that Cahill was subsequently murdered; and a movie "The General" was made about his notorious life of crime.  As to the ledger of stolen art, two (2) of those stolen artworks are still missing:

  1. Guardi (Italian 1712-1793) Landscape with Ruins

  2. Guardi (Italian 1712-1793) Townscape

  • April 27, 1974 the estate was victim to an IRA raid.  With the Lord and Lady Beit bound and gaged, nineteen important paintings were stolen.  The IRA gang was  lead by British heiress Rose Dugdale.  Those involved were arrested and subsequently sentenced for the crime.  The paintings were all recovered.

If you have any information that could be helpful toward the recovery of any of the missing art works, please contact Ireland's national police (Garda

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