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1. $5,000,000 Reward
Jan Vermeer "The Concert"*
Stolen from the Gardner Museum
Boston, MA USA
March 18, 1990
* And other works including Rembrandt, Manet, & Degas

2. 530,000 Euro Reward
Pablo Picasso "Portrait of Dorra Maar"
Stolen from a Private Yacht
Moored in Antibes, France
March 11,1999

3. 400,000 Swiss Franc Reward
Emile Galle "Art pieces in Glass"
Stolen from the Neumann Foundation
Gingins, Switzerland
October 27, 2004

4. $200,000 Reward
12 paintings Hans Hoffman, Riego Rivera, included.
Stolen from a prvate residence
Encino, CA USA
August 23, 2008

5. £100,000 Reward

Lucian Freud "Portrait of Francis Bacon"
Stolen from the Neue Nationalgalerie
Berlin, Germany
May 27, 1988

6. 110,000 Euro Reward

Jan Brueghel the Elder "View from Alost"*
Stolen from an Art & Antiques Fair
Aelvsjoe (by Stockholm) Sweden
February 17, 2002
*And other works

7. 100,000 Euro Reward 
Vincent Van Gogh - two paintings:
"View of the Sea at Scheveningen" 1882
"Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen" 1884
Stolen from the Vincent Van Gogh Museum
Amsterdam, Netherlands
December 7, 2002
Details see Van Gogh

8. £70,000 Reward
LS Lowry - "The Viaduct" and "Tanker Entering The Tyne"
Stolen from a collector's home in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport UK
May 3,2007
For details see the BBC
  Arrests made.

9. $100,000 Reward
Antonio Stradivarius "Violin, 1714 "Le Maurien"
Stolen from New York, New York USA
April 9, 2002
For details see Stolen Strad

10. 50,000 Swiss Franc Reward
Two masterpieces:
Paul Cezanne, "Boy in the Red Vest "1890
Edgar Degas, "Viscount Lepic and his daughters" 1871
Stolen from the Buehrle Collection
Zurich, Switzerland
Februray 11,2008

11. $100,000 Australian Reward
Two Rembrandt Etchings:
"Self Portrait"
"Artist's Mother Reading"
Stolen from a private residence in Mount Eliza
Melbourne, Australia
December 11, 2003

12. Substantial Reward
Renoir "Head of a Young Woman - Gabrielle" 1895
Pissaro "Rue de Village" 1871
Missing from a Private Collector
En route from Germany to the US in 1938

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