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Stolen Gems & Jewelry*
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Stolen Mineral Specimens:
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Stolen Meteorites:
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Some Recent Heists:

  • Sept 2004 - Gem theft in Paris.  Two diamonds, a 47 carat white and a 15.74 carat blue diamond, were taken from an underground exhibition area near the Louvre. see CNN

  • May 2004 - Malta was the scene of museum theft.  A moon rock presented to the Maltese government by Richard Nixon was missing from display at the National History Museum.  This is not the first stolen moon rock story.  See the Christian Science Monitor for an interesting article.

  • RECOVERED - March 2004 - In the United States (Las Vegas, NV) thieves stole more than $300,000 worth of Elvis Presley's jewelry from the Elvis-A-Rama museum. The haul included "the King's" ruby diamond ring, a high school ring and his diamond pendant and chain.

  • November 2003- Antwerp Belgium's Diamond Museum lost a collection of art deco jewelry valued at one million Euros.

  • September 2003 - A small blue sapphire worth $1,250,000,

*NB - There are many stolen jewelry notices on the web.  At this time we are examining the issues behind covering this topic.  Thefts by country, maker, material, how best would one sort and present so many items?  Untill such questions are resolved, our coverage will be limited.

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