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Chagall, Marc
Russian (1887-1985)

Record Price: $13,760,000

Bio. & Images:

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Catalogue Raisonné:
Les Affiches de Chagall / Sorlier, Charles.  Paris: 1975. The catalogue raisonné of Chagall's posters. Marc Chagall. The Illustrated Books: Catalogue raisonne / Cramer, Patrick. Preface by Meret Meyer. Geneva. 1995. The Lithographs of Marc Chagall / Cain, J., Sorlier, C. & Mourlot. Monte Carlo & NY, 1960-1984, 6 volumes: Volume 1, to 1957, Volume 2, 1957-62, Volume 3, 1962-68, Volume 4, 1969-73, Volume 5, 1974-79, Volume 6, 1980-85.

Forgery Files: 
Known forgers include: DAVID STEIN 

Stolen Art Files:
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Chagall Marc (1887-1985) Russian/French
Record Price: $13,500,000
Bio. & Images: Artcyclopedia
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Catalogue Raisonné:
Forgery Information: Known forgers include: DAVID STEIN 
Stolen Art Files: Yes
Eagle and the Owl (1927-1930; etching) 
Birds & Bouquet (1949) 
Child w/ Goat (1952)
Wandering Musicians (1962)  LAPD
Moon w/ Red Cow (1964)  Alert-All

Bouc musicien, Mitten unten signier (1982)  Zurich Police
Circus  Danish Police
Embrace (blue)  Danish Police
Joseph (12/150; litho) Art Com

Jewish Man at the Torah (Tempra on Masonite)

Moses and the Tablets of the Law (Tempra on Masonite)

Jacobs Ladder
Othello and Desdemona (Oil on Canvas) 

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