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MONTREAL CANADA - September 4, 1972 thieves entered through a skylight at Montreal's Museum of Fine Art.  They took decorative art objects and paintings from the museum's European collection.  The missing paintings include:

  1. Brueghel,  Elder J., Flemish 1568-1625 Landscape with Buildings and Wagon

  2. Corot,  French 1796-1875 June Fille Accoude sur le Bras Gauche

  3. Corot,  French 1796-1875 La Reveuse a la Fontaine (1860)

  4. Courbet,  French 1818-1877 Landscape with Rocks and Streams

  5. Daumier,  French 1808-1879 Head

  6. Delacroix,  French 1798-1863 Lionne at Lion dans leur Antre

  7. Gainsborough,  English 1727-1788 Brig. Gen. Sir Thomas Fletcher

  8. Heem,  Dutch 1606-1684 Still Life with a Fish

  9. Heem,  Dutch 1606-1684 Vanities

  10. Millet,  French 1814-1875 Portrait de Madame Millet

  11. Millet,  French 1814-1875 La Baratteuse

  12. Penna, Narcisse, French 1807-1876 La Sorciere

  13. Piazzetta,  Italian 1682-1754 Portrait of a Man

  14. Rembrandt , Dutch 1606-1669 Landscape with Cottages  (1654)

  15. Rubens,  Flemish 1577-1640 Head of a Young Man

  16. Vincent,  French 1746-1816 Portrait d'un Homme

  17. Vincent,  French 1746-1816 Portrait d'une Dam

Perhaps, the most valuable painting taken was Rembrandt's "Landscape with Cottages" .  The painting was one of the master artist's last known landscapes and had a 1972 value in excess of $1,000,000.

Although statutes for criminal prosecution may have lapsed, all the paintings are still considered to be stolen property.  If you have any information about this case please contact the appropriate officials.


Montreal Museum of Fine Art

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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