Search for the World's Most Wanted Art

This is a journalistic inquiry by  Saz Productions, Inc.
to acquire information for a  television  & new media production.  In the process we hope to publicize lost art and offer assistance towards its recovery.  Collectors, journalists, researchers, and others with questions or contributions e-mail

Archive: 1999 Updates

  • December 1999

Five paintings were briefly stolen from Rome's Capitoline Museum this past month.  As thieves are learning, it is difficult to fence significant works of art.  The works were found abandoned several days after their theft.  For timelier updates, you can read a collection of our dispatches archived at the Museum Security Network.

  • November 1999

A major art recovery took place in New York City.  Rembrandt's "Portrait of a Rabbi" and two other Dutch paintings stolen in 1978 were recovered.  Again, persistence pays off.

Also, this past month saw the 1999 INTERPOL conference on stolen art held in Lyon France.  Coverage of the conference can be found at the Museum Security Network

  • October 1999

The recent recovery of Greek antiquities, stolen from Corinth's Archaeological  Museum in 1990, reminds us that major art crimes can be solved!  Sometimes it just takes patience.  Congratulations to the FBI and their Miami office for a job well done.  You can read about this and other related art crime stories at the Museum Security Network

  • September 1999

Corporate reshuffling at Saz Productions.  We continue our  work towards the production of "A Search for the World's Most Wanted Art."

  • August 1999

What's a month without a Rembrandt theft.  Thieves struck a Museum in France's Toulon region this past month. They took the Master's "Child with Soap Bubbles".  This and other recent thefts are noted on our page of Major Art Thefts of 1999

  • July 1999

The Jouve company (international info co.) will be releasing a CD ROM of stolen art works.  The specialized INTERPOL database
will be available later this month.  The annual cost for the CD and updates is $498 (US).

  • June 1999

This past month saw the publication of Archaeology, Antiquities, Theft, and Looting - ("An Electronic Bibliography" of URL's )
  Our thanks to the Museum Security Network for hosting and distributing this material.

  • May 1999

We've updated our  site adding a page for the Major Thefts of 1999.
  We've also bolstered our  Art Theft Links page to provide a broader view of recovery resources.  And as always, we continue to update our stolen art listings on line. 

  • April 1999

The Museum Security Network  has published a web page of our correspondences
.  (Thanks to Moderator Ton Cremers) The webpage offers a wealth of information for those interested in the field of stolen art.  Also, the Museum Security Network has added a very good page of information about WWII and Looted Art.

  • March 1999

Our thanks to those who so kindly welcomed us at the National Cultural Property conference. This month we've add more information WWII / Holocaust stolen art
, which we hope will be of  interest. 

  • February 1999

This past month saw several major art thefts.  In Denmark, the Nivaagaard Collection in Hoersholm, was robbed of two significant paintings.
  In the United Kingdom, gunmen stole paintings from the York City Art Gallery.  RECOVERED  5/17/99  The haul included works by Turner,  Stickert, Bartolommeo and others. 

If you have any information regarding either of these thefts please contact the appropriate authorities.

  • January 1999

This month  we welcome readers from  NATPE
  (National Association of Television Programming Executives)    We hope to see you  in New Orleans  Jan 25 - Jan 28.  We hope 1999 is a great year for all.

  • December 1998

In addition to the world's greatest art thefts
and current listings of stolen art; this month we've included more resources about stolen cultural property.  Stolen musical instrument (rare), listings have been added to our stolen cultural property page ( books, manuscripts, artifacts, and fossils.).  We hope this information will be of use to collectors, investigators, journalists, researchers, students, and others interested in the protection and recovery of cultural  property.

Jonathan Sazonoff