Stolen Musical Instruments
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Lost, Missing, or Stolen Instruments & Related Web-Sites

  • Stolen Fine / Rare String Instruments

Violin, Amati 1675: Japan February 14, 2006
Violin, Grancino
1690 "Koen Padding": Germany; August 17, 1996
Violin, Grancino 1690: United Kingdom; February 21, 2001
Cello,  Guadagnini
1741: Germany May 9, 2003
Violin, Guadagnini
1778: USA, MN; May 16, 1999
Violin, Guadagnini
: USA, CT; March 28, 2001
Violin, Guarneri
1684: Germany; January 9, 2001
Violin, Guarneri
: Italy: Opere d'arte rubate > Strumenti Musicali
Violin, Goffriller
1722: Australia; January 17, 1999
Violin, Rogeri
: USA, NY; June 2003
Violin, Rogeri
1699: Japan; November 30, 2001
Violin, Stainer
: Italy: Opere d'arte rubate > Strumenti Musicali
Violin, Stainer
1660s: Russia; May 1996
Violin, Stradivarius
1671 "Oistrakh": Russia; May 1996
Violin, Stradivarius
1714 "Le Maurien": USA, NY; April 9, 2002
Violin, Stradivarius
1716 "Colossus": Italy; November 3, 1998
Violin, Stradivarius 1716: France; June 1997
Violin, Stradivarius
1719: Germany; June 1945
Violin, Stradivarius
1727 "Davidoff-Morini": USA, NY; October 18, 1995
Violin, Stradivarius
1732 "Herkules": Russia; 1908
Violin, Stradivarius
1734 "Ames": United Kingdom; 1980s
Violin, Stradivarius
1734: Czechoslovakia; November 22, 1945
Violin, Stradivarius
1735 "Lamoureux": USA, NY; 1960s
Violin, Stradivarius
  (?)  : USA, MA; September 3, 2000

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  • Stolen String Instruments (Bow)

Stolen Violins, Viola, Cellos, Bass, and Bows
Pre 1850 Italian string instruments

Vann Bows

Violin Valuations
Classical Instruments - It's Been Stolen

String Direct Limited

Reported Stolen

Gougi - instruments volés

  • Stolen String Instruments (Pick or Pluck)

Banjos etc. Mugwumps
Dulcimers Wood 'N Strings

Stolen Guitars by Maker:

Guitars Alermbic

Guitars Fender - It's Been Stolen
Guitars Gibson - It's Been Stolen
Guitars Ibanez - It's Been Stolen
Guitars Ibanez  see stolen guitars
Guitars Rickenbacker

Stolen Guitars by Various Makers:

Guitars AxReg

Guitars etc. Backline (LUX)
Guitars GuitarMart
Guitars It's Been Stolen
Guitars Jemsite
Guitars Lead Guitars (FR; instruments volés)
Guitars etc. String Direct Limited

Guitars (old)

Guitars Univalve
Guitars Vintage Guitars
Guitars Vintage Sounds

  • Stolen Brass & Woodwinds

Stolen Brass Instruments:

Brass Cornet Connection

Brass String Direct Limited

Stolen Flutes:
Flutes Krantz's Lost or Stolen Flutes
Flutes Flute Network
Flutes Brannen Brothers

Flutes Irish Wooden Flutes

Stolen Single Reeds:

Clarinets Woodwind Org
Clarinets It's Been Stolen
Saxophones Stolen Sax Page
Saxophones It's Been Stolen
Saxophones Keilwerth Burglary

Stolen Double Reeds:

Bassoons & Oboes IDRS
Bassoons & Oboes Double Reeds UK
Bassoons It's Been Stolen

  • Other Stolen Instruments

Stolen Free Reeds:
Bagpipes Cornemuses volées (FR)
Concertina Listings

Stolen Mechanical Instruments
Player Pianos Mechanical Music Digest

France: Musée de la Musique Mécanique

Other Stolen Instrument Web-Sites
Argentina: Instrumentos Robados
Brazil: Instrumentos Roubados
Germany: DOV Gestohlene Instrumente
Germany: Instrumente Gestohlen

Netherlands: Ontvreemde Instrumenten

UK: Royal Northern College of Music

UK: Stolen Gear


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