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This is a journalistic inquiry by  Saz Productions, Inc.
to acquire information for a  television  & new media production.  In the process we hope to publicize lost art and offer assistance towards its recovery.  Collectors, journalists, researchers, and others with questions or contributions e-mail

Archive: 2000 Updates

  • December 2000

Former FBI agent Robert Spiel
has just published "Art Theft and Forgery Investigation, The Complete Field Manual"  This book is geared towards the professional investigator.  For more information see CCThomas Publishers Ltd.

  • November 2000

Quite an interesting month just past.  An international conference was held  in Vilnus, Lithuania to work on the heavy issue of WWII / Holocaust art repatriation.  Paleontologists meeting in Mexico City discussed establishing a stolen fossil database.  As for this web-site, some reorganization of web-pages giving, stolen books
, stolen musical instruments, and stolen artifacts & fossils separate pages.

  • October 2000

The art world was stunned to hear of the recent theft of a Monet (Beach at Pourville, 1882) from Posen, Poland.  Oddly, a copy of the painting was discovered hanging in the original painting's frame.  This crime is detailed with links on our page listing the Major Thefts of 2000.

  • September 2000

Television negotiations continue.  No news is good news on the art crime watch.

  • August 2000

A quiet summer indeed.  It seems that thieves may be getting wise to the notion that unfencable art is not worth stealing.  This month we've updated many of our links

  • July 2000

This month we've added a page devoted to other web-sites, which also present news related art crime
.  More to come in a few days with an August update.

  • June 2000

Two Chagall's stolen in Beverly Hills
, Putin decides that Russia will keep her WWII trophy loot,  another month and fascinating stories continue to flow in.  Negotiations concerning our television venture continue.

  • May 2000

To add some clarity to our web-site we've finally added a site map
.  It seems that the field of stolen art has been garnering a lot of interest.  This web-site has now received over 350,000 hits, thus our new media endeavor is going strong.  We remain hopeful that our television series will make the air one day.  Negotiations with legitimate production companies continue.  We hope to have more to say later this month. 

  • April 2000

It has been suggested that forgery represents a significant aspect of art crime.  To help promote a better understand this subject, we've compiled some sources of information about art forgery.
  Our thanks to the Museum Security Network for hosting this electronic bibliography. 

In other news ,  a major theft in Florence, Italy.  Art works by Donatello, Simone Martini, and Giotto are missing from the estate of a deceased collector.

  • March 2000

Well, like a revolving door, in the world of art crime pieces come in and pieces go out.  This past month works by Picasso stolen in Zurich Switzerland back in 1994 were recovered.  Going out 35 paintings by Helmantal
stolen in the Netherlands. 

  • February 2000

We were delighted to hear of the recovery this past month of two John Constable paintings stolen from the Victoria and Albert Museum.  The 1998 storage room theft was solved with the recovery of the paintings in a London Hotel.  If someone is selling  great masterpieces from a hotel room, that should raise some suspicions about the legitimacy of  the deal.

  • January 2000

The art world was rocked by news of the bold smash and grab skylight robbery of a Cezanne Landscape from Oxford 's Ashmolean Museum.  Thieves struck New Years Day at 1:30 in the morning.  Details of this crime can be found at the BBC

Jonathan Sazonoff