Stolen Fossils
"A Search for the World's Most Wanted Art"
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Fossil Protection:
by William Douglas Boyce

Stolen Fossils by Country:

Argentina, Rioja
Feb-94 University of La Rioja's Museum of Palentology
Riojasauru incertus (reptile cast skull & 56 vertabra) 230 million year old / Triassic
Probelesodon Lewisi (UPLR 18)
Probainognathus jenseni (UPLR 17)

Australia, Newcastle, NSW
July 27, 2003 Newcastle Regional Museum
Psittacosaurus sinensis (110 million year old)

October 16, 1999 Institute of Geological Sciences and Geiseltalmuseum

Martin-Luther-University Halle;  18 specimens were stolen.

Germany, Pappenhime
1991 estate of Eduard Opitsch
Archaeopteryx (one of 8 known early birds) 140 million year old

Philippines, Minila
7/28/99 Antique Shop
Dinosaur Eggs (2 fused together)

Russia, St. Petersburg
12/1/98 Geological Museum (Chernishova)
Helicoprion bessonovi "holotipe" (270 million year old)

Russia, Moscow
Jan-98 Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
Mamoth tusks (including worlds largest) 220 lbs

Russia, Moscow
Aug-96 Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
Tarbosaurus efremovi Maxilla w/ teeth
Tarbosaurus efremovi -Lower jaw of holotype of  (PIN 551/2)
Breviceratops kozlowskii PIN 3142/1. (late creatious)

Russia, Moscow
1992 Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
Thooschus jakavlevi, 11skulls (including PIN 3200/  6, 81,82,132,154, 160,190) (230 million year old / Triassic)
Benthosuchus shuskini skull (PIN 2243/1) (230 million year old / Triassic)
Benthosuchus korabkari skull (PIN 3200/65) (230 million year old / Triassic)
Benthosuchus bystrowi skull (PIN 37831/1) (230 million year old / Triassic)
Aphanerama rostratum skull (PIN 42771/1) (230 million year old / Triassic)

South Africa, Kirstenbosch
National Botanical Garden - Gondwana Garden
Paleobotanic specimen

United Kingdom, Charmouth
Aug-00 Charmouth Fossils
Fossil specimens

USA, Berkley CA
1994 University of California Berkelt Palentology Museum
Tyranasaurus Rex jaw

1997 University of Western Colorado (on loan from BYU)
Albertosarus  (Carnivorus Dinosaur)
Torvosarus (Carnivorus Dinosaur)

USA, Peoria IL
4/15/89 Bradley University
Paleoniscoid -Mazon Creek Fish (Alton IL)
Lamprey Mayomyzon pieckoensis -Mazon Creek Fish (Alton IL)

USA, Ann Arbor MI
Sep-96 University of Michigan
Diceratherium cooki, (Ancient Rino) Miocene / 25 million years ago) (Skull & Limb)

USA, Northfield MN
9/23/94 Carlton College
Fossils (522)  & Minerals (133)

USA, Emmery County UT
9/1/96 Cleveland-Loyd Dinosaur Museum & Quarry
Allosarus Bones

USA, Seattle WA
2/21/2002 Burke Museum - University of Washington
Crinoid, 320 million yr old plantlike animal related to starfish