"A Search for the World's Most Wanted Art"

  What could stir up the water to make a thief talk; to make a friend, acquaintance, or family member think?  How can a business associate or a domestic have the knowledge and motivation to identify the most valuable missing paintings in the world?

Where are those paintings?  In  Chicago we've got an idea on how to get them back.  You've got to put some heat on.  Offer rewards, publicize it everywhere, make the thief distrust all those who could know, and let his tell tale heart pound in his chest.

When great art is lost, it might make the newspapers.  Then some investigators put the picture into big files, that the public rarely sees.

If some handy man sees a painting in some foreign villa, how on earth does he know that  painting is stolen? 
Five weeks after a theft who remembers it; much less five months or five years later.  To recover great art,  you've got to let the public know valuable works of art are missing!

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If hit by conscience, and you wish to "abandon" ill gotten art, please tell us were it can be safely found.  Confidential information will be passed to the appropriate authorities.  E-mail us at:
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Saz Productions, Inc.
PO Box 5222
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