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2008's Most Wanted Art

This is a journalistic inquiry by  Saz Productions, Inc. to acquire information for a television  & new media production.  In the process we hope to publicize lost art and offer assistance towards its recovery.  Collectors, journalists, researchers, police, and others with questions or contributions e-mail saz@saztv.com 

-  Jonathan Sazonoff

Contributing US Editor
Museum Security Network


  • October 2008

The world of art theft & recovery keeps going and giong.  We've updated our page of recent thefts.

Since last update we've attended several conferences.  We thank INTERPOL
for letting us attent their International Symposium of the the Theft and Illicit Traffic in Works of Art, Cultural Property, and Antiques held this June in Lyon, France. It was a pleasure to meet officials from around the globe dedicated to the work of protecting the world's cultural assets.

We also thank the IFCPP
for their hospatality at their Boston conference on Museum Security in August.  We presented on the topic of insider theft with Ellie Bruggeman of Bruggeman Solutions.

Next, for the latest in breaking news about art crime, the mailingl ist of the Museum Security Network (non-profit; Netherlands) has migrated to Google Groups

Next, development continues with our proposed television series.  Stay tuned...

  • February 2008

A rash of recent thefts have stolen art back into the headlines, so we've updated the web-site.  TV negotiations continue as does art crime...

  • May 2007

Lots to catch up on since the last update.  First, auction prices have soared .  The world record price for an art work now stands at an alleged $140,000,000.  For those of us keeping track of  great artist's record prices
the numbers are astounding.

Next, with so much going on in the world of art crime, we've added new pages featuring regional art crime headline.  see Geographic Index

Next, a few great thefts over the past few months; for details see 2007's Most Wanted Art
.  Even more fortunately there were several noted recoveries.  Munch's "Scream" and "Madonna" stolen from the Munch Museum in Oslo were recovered.  Gerome's "Pool in a Harem" which had been missing from the Hermitage was found.  Also a work by the Spanish artist Goya painting (stolen while in tranist from Toledo, OH) was recovered.

Next, we've added to the number of "Million Dollar Artists
" who's art crimes we cover. This index still requires more development - but it's a start.

Finally, it was a pleasure to meet with attendees at the Smithsonian's 2007 National Conference on Cultural Property Protection
.  The fight against culture's thieves continues.

  • May 2006

Welcome attendees of the Cambridge CRASSH Academic Conference on Art Theft
.  We look forward to meeting and exchanging ideas in Europe.  Saz Productions will continue to preach the importance of digital media in the fight against culture's thieves.

Next, we've merged this year's headlines into geographic headings.  Hope this better highlights the international scope of art crime. [As above, see Geographic Index

  • March 2006 UPDATE

Welcome visitors from the Smithsonian's National Conference on Cultural Property Protection
.  It's been busy on the art theft beat with several new additions to our MOST WANTED page.

As for headlines in the world of art crime, an armed robbery amid Carnival in Rio, thieves raid an English manor, a Castle burglary in Brussels, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.  This stuff is made for TV
, but I digress. To the headlines...

  • January 2006 UPDATE -

We welcome all readers attending this years NATPE conference & convention.  To potential media partners, please visit our TV page
for more information.  Hope to see you in Vegas.

Next, belated thank you to all our gracious hosts in Europe.  AXA Insurance held a conference (at the British Museum) affording the opportunity to visit with a number of art crime authorities. Again, thanks to everyone involved for their hospitality.

Next, our Art Crime Index
is undergoing a major renovation.  Pardon the construction while we clean up and upgrade some 400 new pages.  It's an editors nightmare....yips!

And finally, we are experimenting with a slight format change for the update page.  We've in-filled 2005's updates with highlights from the Cultural Property Protection Network
& Museum Security Network mailing lists.  Hope you find this of interest...

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